This quest will be unlocked by talking to Damien after you have successfully talking to the twin sister of Clara at hypermarket. Go to SFC Restaurant at Old District area from 8 pm to midnight.

You confront Damien with photo sent by Jeremy. Damien revealed that he had been conned by Clara and loan sharks are going after him. Damien has been trying to track Clara but without success because he doesn't know her real name. You reveal to him that Clara has a twin sister. Damien propose if you can befriend her and get to know her name, then he can pull some records from city hall.

Go to hypermarket again and talk to the twin sister. You can befriend her by offering her money to train you to run faster (Train Agility). You need to pay $50 to gain +5 point in agility. She will then reveal her name as Britney. Go back to see Damien. Damien will then asks you to see Katherine to search for Britney's record.