Dream City Anthology

Dream City Anthology comprises of Dream City Office, Dream City Life and Dream City Living game. All of 3 games takes place in a fictional city state island known as Dream City. The games are cross platform on Windows and Android.

Dream City Office


Dream City Office is an isometric office role playing game. Can you survive in the office where the co-workers will give you lots of problem while you're trying to do your job? You'll start as a clerk and if you play it right, you might advance your way to the top as CEO. There are 30 quests to be solved through 3 different mini games in addition to standard job mini games.

Windows version.

Android version.

Dream City Life


Dream City Life is an urban survival role playing game with visual novel and life simulation gameplay. Priscilla just arrived at Dream City. Can she survive in the challenging city while trying to unravel the mystery of her father's disappearance?

Windows version.

Android version.

Dream City Living


Dream City Living is the graphically improved version of Dream City Life game. Play the game as Priscilla to explore Dream City in details.

The game is still in development and will be released in July to September 2017.


There are 10+ characters in Dream City Office and 30+ characters in Dream City Life game.


Dream City Office takes place in Big Tree Agency in South Metro area of Dream City. There are 40+ locations in Dream City Life.


There are 30+ quests in Dream City Office which revolves around talking, observing and investigating 10 co-workers in the office. There are 50+ quests in Dream City Life game.